A patent for large formats

Certificate of patent for industrial invention: matrix for the construction of molds done by resin molds RFS (Phenolic Resin Stratificata) for the production of tiles. It is the series that represents Cielle constant research and innovation. The three models Sigma Ceramic - 200/100, 200/300 and 200/400 - were designed to cut and laser mark large format molds, without losing the maximum level of precision in every detail.

The precision of laser technology - CO2 source with 200 W power (10.600 nm wavelength and 1-100 kHz frequency with chiller complete of automation panel and control unit) - and the developed sofware brought to the patent number 1395673, a system to make resin master molds.

The drawing, that will be reproduced on the mold, is scanned by the machine, processed with a software for graphic 3D modeling and then engraved. Also, the low weight and high cost effectiveness of resin materials mean competitive advantages: easier storage of master molds and optimization of management costs.

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