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Jewellery - tool package

Cielle software package for jewellery allows to easily manage machining with tool, with vertical and horizontal diamond grinding, with functions of engraving, cutting, drilling, polishing and diamond grinding. More specifically, in case of horizontal diamond grinding, you obtain the different types of diamond grinding by adjusting the parameters of speed, feed rate and disk rotation.

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Jewellery - laser package

Cielle software package for jewellery allows the easy management of the marking and laser cutting head. Functions of the marking scanner head: 2D and 3D marking, polishing, frosting, patterns, and also cutting. Among the functions of the cutting head we highlight: the strategies of paths to optimize cutting, piercing.

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Fashion accessories - tool package

The sector of fashion accessories allows to manage in complete autonomy the continuous processing, which is peculiar of the Orbiter version of machines. This, in fact, together with the rotary hydraulic vice for front/rear processing, the plate loader with store and the discharge system, allows to work on a continuous cycle without the presence of the operator, ensuring excellent results and eliminating the risks of error. The software allows to import directly the dxf files obtained with other CAD software, facilitating the integration of the machine with design and graphics offices. Also, by using properly the tool present in Cielle modeling software it is possible to realize the various 3D models in a rapid way.

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Fashion accessories - laser package

Cielle software package for laser cutting and marking allows to prepare the work in an “Easy” environment, where there are available all functions and strategies useful to prepare and make combined laser and cutting processing. Tools are already arranged and calibrated when setting the job and allow the operator to prefer the quality of finishing or the rapidity of execution without the need of acting directly on technological parameters.
Among the main features there are:

  • Sophisticated management of piercing: in case of cutting of particular materials;
  • Creation of jobs indicating the position of the vice on which they must be engraved;
  • Management of the tape feeder for continuous processing;
  • Possibility to engrave a surface projected on a surface. This allows, for example, to make a 3D texture (ex. leather) above another 3D model (ex. buckle);
  • Possibility to delimit the engraving area with a drawing: it is possible for example to make a texture by delimiting the engraving within a logo.
  • Recognition of objects on the table with their position and orientation and further automatic marking with adjustment of parameters and coordinates.
  • The execution of large size marking jobs, exceeding the area covered by the scanner head, is made automatically with a particular technique overlapping different marked areas (laser large plate) which ensures the homogeneity of the final result (separations of not visible machined areas).

The multiple execution of jobs arranged in a matrix and, more generally, the processing of single portions of the overall job takes place in an order specifically optimized in function of the thermal capacity of the material; the machined pieces will be distant one from another so that to avoid to heat the material and to deform it locally.

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