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Paper converting - tool and laser package

The Cielle software package for paper industry allows to ease management of machining with tool, fixed knife, vibrating knife and also the precision reading of the print marks, using automatic integration with the most used software in flatbed industry, like for example Caldera.
In addition, the software has been created for specific tool working and it is full integrated with the sector of blade shape.

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Backlight - tool and laser package

The software also integrates processes for backlight allowing to automatically generate the necessary work to achieve plexiglass panels of different sizes and thickness, both with laser machines and numerical controlled pantograph. Incicam CAD provides a function to generate the distribution backlight and produce the necessary files to perform the work in the machine. Depending on the thickness of the material and the size of the panel the program is able to calculate the optimum distribution of working, to achieve in this way an homogeneous lighting with two LED strips applied to the sides of the panel.

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Sign - tool and laser package

Cielle has developed a software dedicated to the sign industry with the aim to semplify work for the operator of this sector. Cielle has wanted to focus primary on ease to use and speed in producing the tool paths starting from two-dimensional drawing.
Its specifications:

  • It solves the underlying problem of compatibility with different file formats;
  • No longer needs to waste time searching for overlaps, intersections, points of opening;
  • Perform three-dimensional works similar to the bas-reliefs dedicated to give to the sign an artistic effect of depth;
  • Emptying, cutting, drilling and threading;
  • Automatic creation of bevel in machining male/female;
  • Possibility of execution of the step joint in an easy and automatic mode;
  • Complete tools archive available from witch to manage the technological parameters of working such as the feed rate and the spindle rotation as a function of the material;
  • Function of Nesting: the application of a special technique of automatic entities distribution, designed to optimize the waste in cutting processes.
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Visual merchandising - tool and laser package

The Cielle software, also in this application, helps the user considerably allowing to do the most classical machining operations on the various materials used by window dressers and technicians in the sector. The shaping of the material is essential when working in this area then the precision of the control of the blade, fixed knife or oscillating knife, it means to achieve quality results.

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Visual merchandising - laser package

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