Software - Professional engraving/laser

Cutting-dies makers - tool and blade package

Cielle software package for cutting die makers industry allows time saving in programming and ease to use thanks to the interaction with CFF2 files for the management of tools and their thicknesses.
Specific functions:

  • tear-resistant for the cardboard with automatic milling of the upper part of the central table of autoplatens (female cleaning tool), with recognition of the direction of the cardboard;
  • to mill Pertinax counter matrixes;
  • anti-collision for works on wire with milling of the bottom side of the female cleaning, verifying and avoiding the breakage of the wood on near points with displacements of the tool in 3D;
  • to make hollows and lowering on the various wooden panels (eg. in correspondence of the punches with side ejection or gripper);
  • to cut rubber;
  • to make cliché;
  • to make prototyping of boxes.

Engraving machining can be driven by the mechanical probe to obtain more precision in depth, following the material surface during processing.

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